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You are the keeper of the garden.  The inner garden created by you.  This experience will change your life.  You will be amazed at how wonderful you will feel.
Making peace with your piece.  You choose to seed your garden with love. Though this 21-day audio process you will first pull some old weeds and clear away the brush from the old world.  Soon you will see the most beautiful garden bloom from the inside out.  Bringing you body into health and vitality.
You are rewriting the story of your life. You know that your life and the environment you create is based on the energy you bring to it. You are choosing to seed the fertile ground of your life with powerful intentions.  Just as the seeds that you plant have a life of fulfillment in growing to completion, you can influence the process with your intention of your true hearts desire and vision. You are moving into co- creation with life force being active and blessing the seeds you plant with your voice your vision and your passion. For the next 21 days, you will discover more about yourself and about what is important to you as you are the creator of your life.  Having a healthy body, environment begins with getting intimate with you.  This program is sacred as are you.  
Includes 21 MP3 recordings, with workbook and processes how to change your beliefs and process emotions. At the end of the 21 days, you will believe the following beliefs about yourself.  I am safe, I am creative, I am confident, I love myself, I speak my truth, I claim my intuitive knowing, I am united.  There are so many more beliefs .............. this is just the beginning
What you can expect.
  • daily self-reflection meditation ritual
  • cultivating a powerful practice 
  • healthy mind body spirit
  • seeding your peace and gratitude garden
  • 105 or more things you are grateful for
  • letting goes of old habits limiting beliefs
  • processing emotions and feelings
  • grounding yourself into the new earth
  • rewriting the story of your life
  • seeding your garden the way you want
  • clearing your chakras
  • unveiling your true self
  • live your heaven
The Benefits
The results for you are endless changing your old limiting beliefs that have been negatively programmed by your conditioning.  You have the power to change your subconscious program into a positive belief system that is based on your truth.  YOU make choices every moment based on what you believe.  You have the power to change that.  The results are phenomenal. You deserve the best life. The benefits using our emotions as a tool for clearing old wounds and releasing negative feelings is a simple yet very powerful technique. You will heal your life heal yourself. Allowing yourself to feel the pain and the emotions fully without judgment is taking the first step in the healing process. Every time you experience a negative emotion; you have the opportunity to claim another part of yourself into wholeness and JOY.  The key is to acknowledge and feel your feelings.  Feeling it is healing it.
Bonus benefit gift of this course.
Send me three questions via email that you are challenged with that you would like clarity on. You may want an inside or another way of looking at something.  You remember the dear Abby section.
This benefit is called.  Dear Kornelia~
Live your Heaven $27.00