Kornelia Stephanie

Peace, the Flip Side to Anger.
How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO.

Dear Friends,

We are all in this together. Chapter 10 of my book is called Heaven on Earth. Heaven on Earth requires a physical body. This book will help you to reclaim your power, your body, your planet, your life. When we take responsibility for our own energy, every little thing we do ripples out and affects the whole. For this we Thank you.

What could be more powerful than being at peace within and loving yourself? With the purchase of the book you receive the online version of the 21 day Peace practice which consists of self love practice, inviting you into a deeply fulfilling relationship with yoursrself. You now have access to the most profound spiritual teachings at your fingertips. Peace and love. Make peace with your piece. YOUR LOVE Ripples out to the world.

About the book.

This book will give you a practical approach to self-healing and empowerment using your body as a tool to release anger, illness, suppression, and emotion. Every time we get angry about something, there is a truth waiting to be claimed. If you have ever had feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts, feeling not worthy, or the lack of peace within, then this book is for you. The book is filled with practices and tools to release emotions so that you can experience liberation in your body now. It will show you that there is nothing wrong with you and that you have all you need inside to create and live the life of your dreams. The author engages you in a 21-day Peace Practice so you can experience peace and well being from within.

Praise for Peace, the Flip Side of Anger:

"The other morning I woke up late, discovered there was no cream for my tea, and I couldn't find a pair of socks that matched. Suddenly, the focus of my morning became my husband: why couldn't he master the simple task of doing the laundry without losing every dang pair of my socks? I was ridiculously and disproportionately furious at him, but remained tight lipped and curt without explaining myself. It wasn't until I stepped back and began to process what I was feeling that I recognized grief... Grief in its messy and unpredictable way had flooded my whole body, disguised as a pair of mismatched socks.

Six months ago, before reading Kornelia's amazing book, I would have harbored resentment and frustration towards my husband for who knows how long. But now I am able to recognize a feeling - a true and pure feeling - and that's not all. I also have given myself permission to experience feelings fully and completely, without attempting to mask what is happening. What freedom! I can't recommend this book enough to every single person out there who is struggling in life: with love, happiness, relationships or any other aspect of being human. In a world that continuously bombards us with an endless array of information, "Peace" is a book that will help you learn to take a breath, acknowledge and truly experience what you are feeling - without sublimation. This book will teach you how to find the truth of who you are. I think it should be required reading for every high school student before they graduate: imagine the peace our world would find if this generation of children was given the tools to honestly and completely embrace being human. What a gift". ~ Dana B. on June 12, 2016

Kornelia’s approach to peace is unique! Through her own life experiences, she understands anger: Through her personal path of transformation she has come to embrace peace. He personal life-tested process has helped countless, and now is offering in book form to support millions- our world! With so much practical wisdom, I highly recommend “ Peace the Flip Side of Anger”, and see this book as an inspiration to therapists, life coaches, teachers, parents, and, foremost, all those who are consciously ready to move away from their deepest anger towards inner peace. ~ Marianne Green

I just wanted to tell you that I just read your book and Suzie my girlfriend says she has noticed a big change in me and my attitude towards life in general. Thank you. ~ Kirk Quebec, Canada

When I read the book PEACE - THE FLIP SIDE OF ANGER. It gives me so much insight and hope. As a person who was really angry myself I learned how to deal with my own anger. As a man who values the fact that we can learn to use our anger for creative purposes rather than for destructive ones. In reading, I noticed that a book could be almost as much as a real living coach . ~ Dieter, Switzerland