Core Experience

The Core Experience is one of my favorite facilitations.   This can only be experienced when you are ready -- meeting the Divine in YOU. Not everybody is at this place and that is okay.  After the core experience you will feel empowered to stand on your own, in your divinity.   This process is designed to get you in touch with and Honor the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine in you.  Regardless as to whether you are male or female, we each have both and must bring them into balance.  You will know how to feel by listening to your intuitive (feminine) side, and take the right action (masculine) on the guidance you receive.

This is really important inner work -- sacred work -- honoring the Divine in you!  We will do this through practical experience and integration.  You will be remembering how to live in a feeling place, and how to integrate this into your daily life to where this becomes the norm -- the whole within you -- to honor and balance the feminine and masculine within you.

You/we will clear any core emotional wounds that are standing in your way, and learn how to do the self guided process.  You will also learn how to process any fears like doubt or rejection, on the spot.

This is not the “hurry up and get it done” kind of energy -- this is about surrendering and taking space for you.  The facilitation I do will be very intuitive. We will work energy.  I will give you homework and then you will go out and have experiences, coming back clearing, reflecting and integrating, and grounding in the new.  I will be your partner in this work and this will take about 4 sessions spread out within a month.  I am making myself available for you to be able to contact me within 24 hours of having a charge, experience, or a clearing that is required.  This cannot be rushed, or hurried. It has to be felt and experienced within your real every day life. Do you understand?

This will also assist you more and more to work with your own power, your own energy and have experiences to reflect upon.  In addition this will be stopping the need to keep running, and instead, going inside you for all the answers from now on.

Please know that this will take commitment and dedication on your part, in order to be effective.  I am recommending that you come in with the intention of releasing all resistance and surrendering in totality to your self.  You will be getting to the core of you and this can be the final investment on this level that you ever need to make. Any other work that you will do in the future will be because it will enhance your business or out of pure pleasure to do something – rather than now because there is need.  Imagine yourself in wholeness and balanced coming from a new and empowered place to create your life on purpose in the new paradigm with passion!

If we decide to work together you will be asked not be involved in any other type of transformational programs.  The reason being, it is best to work with one modality at a time and not have any other distractions.



I am very experienced in transformational processes and techniques; I’ve engaged pretty much everything. While I had transformed and released a lot, I could still feel a sense of withhold and fear running in my life, like a drag on my energy and expression that I really wanted to be free of. I knew Kornelia had been doing some amazing work with emotions and energy, so I hired her and engaged The Core Experience process she offers.

I was divinely guided to engage this work since it was the missing piece for me. This process was exactly what I needed. I had peeled back all the layers of the onion, but hadn’t gotten all the way down to the core. With Kornelia as my partner and guide, I got there.

With the core process we truly went to the core. Kornelia can take you there because she’s been there herself and knows the territory well. Her compassionate, powerful stand for the freedom I was seeking acted like an energetic catalyst and propelled me into the healing and insights I needed. The drag on my energy and expression is no longer there, and I am amazed at the new level of freedom to take action that I am experiencing; I’m just not afraid anymore.

To clear those stubborn, deeply held emotional blockages, I highly recommend working with Kornelia and engaging The Core Experience. Thank you Kornelia!

Roger Kenneth Marsh – Author, Coach, Speaker. Vallejo, California.