My Life is MY Art -- I Am Divine Creativity

I AM One, I AM Whole, I AM LOVE, I AM WE ARE God,
I Embody the Grace of ONE, who knows the truth of Who I AM.
I AM SOURCE ENERGY ~ Expressing through Kornelia.

Kornelia Stephanie Dengel ~ respected as a leading edge evolutionary for personal transformation, self-love activist, author, intuitive mystic and passionate speaker, Passion Test Facilitator, creator of the Universal Wholeness Coaching Program, co-creator and ignitor of Creative Heart Retreats in La Conner, Washington.

What am I about?

Expressing myself as Divinity, free to be me, unashamedly and gloriously me, connecting more and more to the love inside of me, receiving the fullness -- all parts of me. My evolutionary growth and expansion is always about aligning with the truth -- my truth -- how I experience it and how I live it. To express my authentic self, courageously and fearlessly. My daily practice is living life to the fullest and expressing the deepest love in relationship to all things.

My life's work has been about undoing all the old conditioning, old programming, old beliefs, and releasing the lies and limitations as I began to love each and every part of myself back into wholeness. Through my own transformation, having emotionally processed the entire Universe through my physical body, healing my deepest core wounds, embracing the shadow, the part of us that has never been accepted and loved. By healing our own shadow we heal the collective shadow as well.

Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever, ever had a thought that was attached to a belief, that was attached to an emotion, that I was not good enough and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief. Through this deep inner transformational unveiling and love for self, this is where I achieved self and life mastery -- taking full responsibility for everything in my life. My core value is freedom -- free to express the truth of my being, free to experience prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life.

It is my passion to assist you to discovering your truth, to bring your best self and claim your greatness -- so that you too can be in alignment with your true divine nature, and accept responsibility for you. YOU, being your own authority. I love guiding you into to you, as you discover a deeper love for your self, loving yourself whole and free, living your highest potential. Prosperity and well-being, for all of us, inspiring people to love themselves free, free of all disease, all illness. Everything wants to be be loved.

As a pioneer of conscious co-creation, it is my joy to model that way of living. Being myself fully, self sustaining, sharing my unique way of expressing my divinity in the world, in my community and in my relationships. What I care about is the restoration of Humanity's Sovereignty. I am very passionate about co-creating and collaborating with like hearted, like minded, self empowered individuals whom are passionate about the New Earth. We are the grassroots of a new EARTH, creating paradise here on Earth -- this is a responsibility and an honor.

Here's to Humanity's sovereignty. Here is to our Freedom.

Together we will build an amazing New World on a foundation that is rooted in Love and Beauty… come join us.

I am a radiant light,
Expressing myself as Divinity~~~~ and so are YOU.
With deepest Love,
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Kornelia Dengel